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Cold Laser Therapy has been shown to be very effective for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fascitis, Tennis Elbow, Runner's Knee, Bursitis and Tendonitis

ML830® Laser is a non-thermal laser capable of penetrating deep into tissue. Once delivered, the light energy promotes the process of photobiostimulation. In human tissue the resulting photochemical reaction produces an increase in the cellular metabolism rate that expedites cell repair and the stimulation of the immune, lymphatic and vascular systems. The net result, observed in clinical trials to date, is the apparent reduction in pain, inflammation, edema and an overall reduction in healing time.

WHY 830nm?
The ML830® has a wavelength of 830nm (GaAIAs). A nanometer is a unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter. At 830nm the ML830® has a penetration capacity of approximately 5cm with a 3cm lateral spread. This is more then double the penetration that a 632nm (HeNe) laser can provide (approx. 1cm). With such greater penetration, many more tendons, ligaments and muscle tissues are within the ML830®'s reach.


It is not an accident that the Microlight Corporation of America chose & patented the 830nm technology for its ML830®. There are 30+ years of clinical studies that proved the 830nm range is the optimal wave-length.

Advanced Pain Relief To Keep You Active
Our state of the art pain relief center offers the most advanced, non-invasive treatments to get you back to doing the things you love. 

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Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. Feel Great In Eight was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family!!

Kimberly J.
Rio Grande, NJ

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