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Gymball Exercise Programs

Please read the disclaimer below before downloading and trying one of our Gym Ball (Suisse Ball) programs. There are many reasons for using a gymball, they are especially good at working on dynamic stability (Core) and general strengthening. There are also reasons for not using a gymball. Some examples and this is by no means all the reasons could include severe osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, bulging and herniated discs as well as balance disorders and physical problems related to areas of the body other than the spine.

 Disclaimer: These exercise protocols are provided as a courtesy and should only be used as a general guideline to exercise.  Consultation with your referring health provider and prudent modifications based on the specific presentation and findings on the physical exam should be the guiding determinant as to the appropriateness of any exercise protocol perspective.  It is each person's individual responsibility to evaluate the suggestions provided and use good judgment regarding the implementation of any exercise protocol.  None of the protocols provided have been validated in the literature as the definitive exercise protocol.

We do not know what type of gym ball you have therefore we are including some guidelines to help you remain safe during the use of your gymball.

1. You should consult with your Chiropractor, Medical Doctor or Physical Therapist before beginning any of the exercise programs we provide to determine if you have any physical limitations that would create a safety or health risk.

2. There is a risk that falling off the ball, particularly during some of the suggested exercises may cause severe injury. Always use the ball in a slow and controlled pace and maintain a proper body position as shown in the suggested exercises. Do not use the ball on a surface that may cause the ball to slip during use.

3. Alway wear comfortable exercise clothes that do not restrict your movements when using the ball. Before each use, check clothing and surrounding area for sharp objects that may puncture the ball.

4. Provide enough unobstructed space so that there are no objects in the immediate area that could cause injury during the use of the ball.

5. Protect the ball from excessive heat such as heating ventilators, lamps and direct sunlight.

6. Clean your ball with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

7. The gym ball is for indoor use only.

8. Always make sure your gym ball is inflated properly (according to the directions that came with your ball). Keep in mind a newly inflated gym ball will be much more firm than after is has been used a few times. Therefore do not expect the gymball you have just purchased will react in exactly the same way as one you have used at the gym or in a clinic.


Though there may be multiple programs available on our site you can easily pick and choose your favorites. Do not feel obligated to perform all activities on any one program. Pick and choose your favorites among the programs provided and create your own specific exercise program. Please pay close attention to your wrists, the more prone activities (on your stomach) you perform the more stress in your wrists. It is not unusual to begin to have wrist pain. You can try using an exercise mat under your hands for cushioning or biking/weightlifting gloves. However, Do Not keep performing an exercise that is aggravating a body part. It will only get worse and you'll only have yourself to blame.

Basic Gym Ball Program:  Protocol | Exercise Card

Medium Gym Ball Program: Protocol | Exercise Card : my recommendation for this program is to select two supine and two prone activities and perform multiple sets or perform 1 set of each of these exercises as part of a circuit training program.

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