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Denise Beckson

FG8 is the most significant investment you can make in yourself. I've changed my health, my weight, my mental acuity, all from what I learned from Dr. Oliveri and his team. The program is the complete package. I'm so glad I joined; it's the best thing I've ever done for myself and my family.

Before I started FG8, I was tired and achy. I thought, and had almost accepted, that "this is what 40 feels like". Dr. Oliveri and his team showed me I could change how my body felt. I've lost weight and am SO much stronger. I used to get winded with small tasks and now I have run several 5K races. I love how I feel and I get more done at home and at work. I highly recommend the program and tell friends, they can't afford NOT to participate.

FG8 is not a diet. It's a program to rid your body of chemicals and toxins we breathe, touch and ingest. As a result of removing the body of these unnatural substances; you will lose weight, experience better sleep and mental acuity, and your overall health and well-being improve. I can't recommend it highly enough.

FG8 = Learn, Lose, and Love how you feel!

Doug Burhanna

Joyce Gould

Brian O’Connor

During the 8 weeks of the Feel Great in Eight program, I learned you really need to eat in order to lose weight. The greatest impact the program has had on my life is it helped me lose 20 lbs. The clothes that I was going to give to charity are back in my closet. I have received many compliments from friends and family which makes me feel good and gives me encouragement to continue. The changes people have noticed most are that my face and my waistline are smaller. One of my friends said “You’ve lost half a person”.

I enjoyed the exercise classes. Ryan varied the workouts so they were never boring. Overall, the highlights of the program are the results that I have achieved. Of all the “diets” I’ve tried, I can see eating this way for a very long time. The plan is so simple that all you have to do is follow it as it is given to you, do the exercises both at the office and at home and you too can achieve results you would have never expected.   

Donna Troiano

The meal plans and grocery list was a tremendous help. It made this new lifestyle easy to adapt to. I haven’t felt this good in years. I will continue with the meal plans because I want to continue to feel good. It was a little costly but I felt my health was worth it and it was worth every penny. Ryan is an asset to Olivieri Chiropractic. He has a gentle but tough way about him. He makes sure you get it right.

I absolutely believe that eating the right foods and staying away from the bad ones such as wheat, sugar, white flour, makes you feel 100% better. You not only feel better but you look better. I haven’t had so many compliments in years.

I have more confidence, I wake up feeling good (not like before when getting out of bed was my 1st chore of the day). I lost 20 lbs, I have lots of energy the whole day. I am sleeping much better and I even stopped snoring. I dropped a clothes size. Everyone has noticed my weight loss, my energy, my mood (I’m upbeat most of the time).

“Feeling Great in Eight” and wanting to continue. The end result is so worth it. I don’t know of anyone in the class who didn’t want to continue. I would be the last person to go out and eat a salad – I always wanted a big sandwich with chips – but now, I actually enjoy eating a salad.  

Kim Troiano

Susan Bright

The exercise classes were very good. The exercises were different and also worked out the brain. I learned how to eat better and realized that food is for life, not just enjoyment. I now eat to nourish my body. The greatest impact the program had on me is the weight I lost. I feel better and no longer have hypoglycemic attacks. Ryan pushed us so that we could accomplish what we came for: to meet our goals.

Carol Kapurelos

During the 8 week program, I learned to make better food choices like avoiding processed food. I am thinner, stronger and healthier. I have dropped a couple of dress sizes, my lab work is awesome, my diabetes is under control, I have more energy and a better attitude. A co-worker told me she was worried that I might be sick because I lost so much weight. I laughed and said “no, I’m finally well!” I have better endurance, more strength and much less shortness of breath.

Virginia Gandy

The Feel Great in 8 program taught me to keep moving. I have less fatigue, more energy, I feel stronger. I lost weight, I look and feel better. My clothes are now too big.  I enjoyed the exercise classes and found the wellness workshops to be informative. I made new friends. I would recommend the FG8 program to start you on the road to feeling and looking great!

Kathleen Sbaraglia

Ryan is so informative and the exercises are a great blend. I feel in line and grounded – no more headaches! The results are unbelievable! I have seen a big transformation in 8 weeks! The program thought me how to properly exercise and what foods and food combinations to eat. I also learned the benefits of proper supplement use. I was stunned to find out that food allergies can hinder weight loss and that I was eating a lot of foods I had intolerance to. Everyone I know has complimented me on how I look. They all see a difference in my body structure. Some have noticed that my hips and behind have gotten smaller and my belly has slimmed down tremendously. The highlights of the program for me were definitely the workout sessions and seeing the results. I would recommend FG8 to everyone because it works better than any other plan I have been on and truly makes you feel and be a healthier person.    

Joyce Fallon

I became more aware of which foods did not agree with me, which ones gave me more energy, and which ones helped me feel more satisfied, and less hungry. 

The exercise program has been equally important.  I look forward to coming twice a week.

Rest is so much better

-What changes have other people noticed? Weight loss, less interest in sweets, more energy.

-Highlights of the program

Having so much more energy to do the things that I love.  I can work and still have so much energy to walk my dog, go for bike rides, go on vacation, do projects that I’ve put off for years.  I also sleep so much better and wake well rested.

Layne (Russ) Buckingham

We learned how to eat right and how certain foods can really affect the way you feel.  Any deviation from the diet can have a really adverse effect on your general well-being.

I feel really good about myself. My overall appearance as well as my confidence in myself has greatly changed.

Of course everyone has noticed the weight loss (16 lbs). But more importantly, everyone can tell that I have a better overall appearance and mood now that I’m eating right and exercising daily.

My highlight was the twice a week exercise sessions.  I could not believe that I could feel so good after 45 minutes of intense workout.  I actually looked forward to the workouts. My strength and stamina improved tremendously.

Michael LaVancher 10/16/13

I learned a lot about nutrition.  I felt like I had a good knowledge base before, but I was holding several things to be true that were not.

I came in with back issues and a general sense of poor fitness and lack if energy.  After the program, I feel great.  My back is better and I lost 15 pounds.

I look healthier and thinner. People are noticing.

I would recommend FG8 to anyone!

Sydney Weeks

I learned how to eat and cook for a healthy lifestyle.  This is the new way to eat for me.

I have become a better daughter, wife, and teacher.  I’m much more fun to be around.

Everything about this program is worth it.  My whole outlook on life has changed for the better.  The recipes each week help change up my menu.  The support from the staff has kept me motivated.

Kelly McCallion

Kate Dunn

A Testimonial from Wendy

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Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. Feel Great In Eight was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family!!

Kimberly J.
Rio Grande, NJ

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