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Here is what some of our patients have to say about their treatment at Olivieri Chiropractic.

-Ted, Knee Laser Therapy Patient

-Sandy, Peripheral Neuropathy Patient

-Joe, Peripheral Neuropathy Patient

-Diane Tomlin, Peripheral Neuropathy Patient

-Catherine Ferrari, Peripheral Neuropathy Patient

-Dan Cluff, Peripheral Neuropathy Patient

September 1, 2015
Dr Robert Olivieri, Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center
Testimonial for Laser Therapy

I am an active local volunteer firefighter. I started having knee pain and soreness about six months ago. I tried medication, massage, and wearing a knee brace. Nothing was working. Knee surgery was the last thing I wanted.

I then read this article in the paper about how Laser Therapy can alleviate knee pain, so I called for an appointment on August 10, 2015.

The first appointment included consultation, neuromuscular examination, and specialized x-rays of the knees.

The therapy consisted of 12 sessions of physical exercises, Cold Laser Therapies, and chiropractic adjustment of the knee and spine. After 6 sessions I started feeling a difference in my knee. It works. For anyone who has knee or joint problems, I recommend this treatment.


Leslie A Cline

Postcard received on 9/21/2015

to Dr Robert Olivieri

Greetings from the shore of Lake Superior. I am pleased to report little to no pain in my left shoulder/arm. If it does recur I can get rid of it with ice pack and neck exercise. Just want you to know that you solved my problem. Life is good! Many thanks!


Steve Block

“Using the laser excelled my recovery. It was painless and very relaxing; there were even times I could have fallen asleep. I would highly recommend the laser, for sure. Everything was great - from the therapeutic exercises to the staff and the doctors. The care you receive is A+.”

-Kathy Caraballo, Plantar fasciitis (M6 Cold Laser Therapy)

“I’m feeling great, from where I came. Whatever you’re doing is working. I don’t have that excruciating pain that was limiting my mobility and draining my energy. I’m amazed. I would recommend it to anyone if they’re having the shoulder pains that I’ve been having."

-Jo, Shoulder pain (M6 Cold Laser Therapy)

“In a short time I went from having pain almost every day to not having pain, the pain is gone. I’m able to move my arm straight up and touch my back. It’s really been effective.” 

 -Joe, Shoulder pain (M6 Cold Laser Therapy)

"This office meets all the standards of a concerned and professional staff and the doctor [Olivieri] is the best I've encountered in 70 years of chiropractic care."

Robert Alexander, lower back pain and arthritis

"My wife and I enjoy Irish Set Dancing which we couldn't do during periods when my back was out. I tried a Chiropractor once in a while but the problem would return. Dr Olivieri's long range program really worked! After 6 weeks, I am now almost pain free."

Elwood Armstrong, lower back pain

"Dr Olivieri is a warm, intelligent doctor and he has improved my quality of life so much. Thank you so much to Dr Olivieri and his staff for being so accommodating and supportive of me through the years!"

Jania Bailey, lower back and shoulder pain

"Before coming in, I was unable to do normal daily chores without pain. Now I can do it all, including horticulture which I have done my whole life. It is well worth it to give chiropractic a try. I am sure you will feel ten times better!"

Edith Baumgart, lower back pain

"This is the first chiropractic office I've visited and I had instant relief from my pain. I would encourage anyone to try the treatment just to see how much relief you can get."

Sharon Conley, upper back, neck and shoulder pain

"Before coming in, my pain restricted me from pretty much all of my favored sports and activities. I have now regained a range of motion that allows me to walk distances. The lower back pain has substantially decreased to a tolerable level. I've even returned to bike riding and some golf."

William Cottman, Sr., lumbar disc problems and spinal stenosis

"After my accident, I tried to help myself but realized I needed professional help. I could barely work or get out of bed. At Olivieri Chiropractic, you are always greeted with smiles which gives you a positive feeling. Getting out of bed is much easier now and I am able to walk with less pain. The gifted hands of the Doctors along with the professional and knowledgeable staff sped up my recovery. I recommend chiropractic care to anyone!"

Mary Donegan, motor vehicle accident

“At my worst I was unable to walk or function. The pain affected every aspect of daily living. It began to limit my social commitments & even cause me to become depressed. I am now off of pain medications & am no longer in as much pain as before. I can walk, stand & bend without complication. Not only did Chiropractic care help me physically but, it helped me mentally as well. I’m back to living my normal life! At first, I was hesitant to seek help through Chiropractic care. The staff & Doctors at Olivieri Chiropractic made me feel at ease & for that… I will be eternally grateful!”

Barbara Fitzpatrick, severe low back pain and numbness in leg

“I am now less tired and my strength is back. Don’t ever be discouraged with anything in life. There is always someone to help. Dr. Olivieri & his staff are compassionate & positive & have everyone’s best interest in mind.”

Justine Hammett, back pain

"I now have more range of motion in my back and neck, I sleep better & I can stand straighter. I would recommend Chiropractic care to anyone. The staff is a joy to work with."

Armondo Jones, neck stiffness and lower back pain

“Dr. Olivieri and his staff can help anyone with pain. When you think “is this ever going to get better” and your pain is severe and you have about had it, Dr. Olivieri can do his adjustments and work wonders. Not only is your pain gone but you feel so much better all over. It’s like a makeover. Don’t give up, you will be like a new person”

Kathryn Jones, lower back pain and sciatica

“I now can stand and walk without much pain. Don’t delay the wait… Get to your chiropractor! Relief comes quickly!”

Lillian Martino, lower back and leg pain

“Anyone who feels that Chiropractors are not real Doctors, should have their back adjusted. The staff is very professional. They made the visits fun. Thanks to Olivieri Chiropractic, I no longer have any back pain at all!”

John Temple, lower back pain

“Since coming to Dr. Olivieri my Plantar Fasciitis pain has decreased to nothing. I can now walk and enjoy a full day of movement. This office has a pleasant staff, great hours and caring doctors. What more could you ask for”

Cindy Lutes, plantar fasciitis

“Everyone should experience a chiropractic visit – especially here. Dr. Olivieri has the energy and the knowledge to help relieve and improve your condition. I wouldn’t want to go anyplace else!”

JoAnn Maker, chronic back and neck pain

“I have suffered from migraines since the age of 11. I was previously treated only with medication. Now I come for adjustments and it is a great relief to not have as many migraines. I’ve gone from having at least one a week to an average of only one about every six months!”

Jamie Neill, severe chronic migraines

“I was thrown from my horse two years ago and got a cracked vertebra. Dr. Olivieri gave me stretches to do and I come in monthly for adjustments, which make me feel week enough to ride without constant pain. Just because you have a problem with your back, do not let it hold you back from the things you love to do. Come regularly for your appointments and you’ll be fine.”

Jenna Rohana, cracked vertebra

“Six years ago, I was recommended to Dr. Olivieri following a lower back injury and hospitalization. Coming here was the BEST thing I ever did for my spine and myself. I now continue to come in monthly and am living pain-free!”

Cal Sampson, chronic lower back pain

“I’ve been a longtime patient of Dr. Olivieri for chronic lower back pain. Dr. Olivieri recommended Spinal Decompression for me and it is the best treatment I could have ever done for myself! I now recommend Spinal Decompression to anyone with severe back pain.”

Diane Shinn, Spinal Decompression

“I don’t know where I would be without Dr. Olivieri’s ability to make me better and allow me to do the things I want to do (even if I shouldn’t be doing it!) He is my safety net.”

Ernie Troiano, Jr., lumbar disc and shoulder pain

“I can attest to anyone that Dr. Olivieri is truly a blessing for back pain and other ailments. I now come once a month for an adjustment and I have never felt so good. No more back pain!”

Mike Voll, chronic back pain

“Since starting treatment, I have returned to normal everyday living, have an absence of pain and increased flexibility. You cannot find an office with a more professional staff with concern for your well-being. All other doctors I have spoken to about the practice have had wonderful things to say.”

Robert Williams, sciatica and leg pain

“Thank you for all of the help you have given me and my husband over the past 20 years. I recommend everyone to Dr. Olivieri!”

Jane Shell, chronic lower back pain

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