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Detox 360°

Detox 360° - An Integrated Detox System

Do You Experience Occasional...

- Headaches

- Tiredness and sluggishness

- Aching joints and muscles

- Unfocused thoughts and fogginess?

- Digestive problems?

If so the Detox 360° program can help renew your sense of well-being. 

Why Should I Detoxify?

Never before in human history have we been exposed to so many environmental toxins! The air we breathe and the chemicals in our food, water, houses and workplaces-as well as the various products we put on our bodies-all expose us to environmental toxins.

More Than a Cleansing Program

The goal of Detox 360° is to provide dietary and lifestyle recommendations, with supportive nutritional formulas, to support health and wellness. It is a multifacted program that is intended to support the immune filtering, cleansing, and metabolic systems, as well as much more. The program helps anchor health-supporting habits, so that dietary adjustments can be easy to follow. It can be used as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with the regimen designed by your healthcare professional and can be repeated periodically. The dietary recommendations in this program help reduce problematic food in one's diet. 

This four-week program includes educational DVDs, a manual with easy-to-use sources of toxicity, detox mechanisms, detox-supporting lifestyle practices, targeted nutrition, and nutritional and homeopathic products. You are taken through a simple, step by step approach with clear explanations of how to complete each week's regimen. 

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  • "Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. Feel Great In Eight was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family!!"
    Kimberly J. / Rio Grande, NJ

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